Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

Learn Something New While Staying With Us

Christmas Farm Inn is a sanctuary from stress -- a place where you can simply relax – but it can also serve as a portal to developing yourself by learning a new skill or developing the skills you already know.

With such busy lives, fitting in time to better ourselves seems like a real challenge. Why not combine a getaway with a hands-on experience that helps you grow? Christmas Farm Inn refers our guests to some local partners that offer such an experience...

ArtJackson Art offers 3-hour paint classes or weekend workshops taught by professional and at times renowned artists. You can take your masterpiece home with you and display the souvenir of your visit on your wall as a conversation starter. Classes include drawing, painting, jewelry-making, and more!

b1aWellness Christmas Farm Inn Aveda Spa now offers Reiki and Zero balancing, two treatments that work with energy fields and do not require the customer to get undressed. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Zero balancing involves kneading of the muscles with finger pressure or traction to enable relaxation. All our spa treatments and product applications are now uniquely customized to the specific requirements of the individual, and our Aveda spa rituals will ensure deep relaxation, physical rejuvenation and spiritual renewal.

Cooking – Professional Chef Kendra Stanley at the Taste of the Mountains Cooking School at the Bernerhof offers many different courses. Each class offers creative tips and techniques for everyday cooking to bring back home to your kitchen, whether you are a fastidious foodie or a first-timer. The class sizes are intentionally kept to a maximum of 8 students to allow plenty of individual attention from Chef Kendra. 

b1bPhotography – Guided tours are available for photography enthusiasts. Jackson provides a picture perfect setting for your camera to focus on. It's why couples choose the area for their weddings and groups tour to see the autumn colors, not to mention the beauty of snow-capped mountains. When you get ready to share your images online, be sure to tag us with #christmasfarminn so we can share your photos! 

ScienceMt. Washington Observatory offers many seminars on the flora, fauna and history of the White Mountains and Mt. Washington in particular. Past workshops have included White Mountains geology, landscape photography, land navigation, and alpine biology. 

Whichever route you choose to reinvigorate yourself, we hope you will think of your visit to Jackson, N.H. as an opportunity to rekindle a passion and realize the best possible version of yourself.

Written by Steven Stiefel