The more, the merrier! We are happy to arrange for joint treatments at our full service Jackson NH spa as well as cater refreshments for a group of friends, colleagues, family or bridal parties. This can also be arranged after hours from 6-8pm on request. Please email [email protected] or call us on 603-383 4313 to discuss your needs. We will need to know the delivery date/time/location and any special instructions. 

Spa Catering Menu

Cheese Platter

A selection of 3 cheeses, served wtih fresh fruit and crackers                  
Small Platter (4 guests) $20
Large Platter (8 guests) $40

Vegetable Platter
Freshly cut carrot, cucumber, broccoli serviced with a delicious Ranch dip
Small Platter (4 guests) $12
Large Platter (8 guests) $24

Sandwich Platter
Assorted finger sandwiches filled with ham, egg, mayonnaise and tuna mayonnaise
Small Platter (4 guests) $40
Large Platter (8 guests) $80 

Garden Salad
Large bowl for sharing - lettuce, cucumber, red onion, carrot and crouton, served with your choice of dressing (Balsamic vinaigrette, parmesan, peppercorn, ranch, blue cheese, raspberry vinaigrette)
Small Garden Salad (4 guests) $16
Large Garden Salad (8 guests) $32

To keep these warm and fresh, these will only be served to parties that have schedued a joint refreshment break for all members of their party.

Appetizer Platter
Chicken Teriyaki, Asian pot stickers, Spinach spanakopita and artichoke dip with tortilla chips
Small Platter (4 guests) $40
Large Platter (8 guests) $40

Bottle of house wine, red or white $26
Bottle of champagne $26

Prices are subject to 9% tax and 18% gratuity. Please allow 48 hours’ notice.