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Our Jackson, NH Spa Services


Desert Heat Body Wrap $100
A passport to complete relaxation - As healing and nourishing minerals seep in, heat encourages aches, pain, fatigue, and stress to flow freely out of the body. Skin surfaces are hydrated and nourished, exuding a healthy, vibrant glow. This wrap is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Moroccan Rassoul Body Wrap $100
This treatment helps maintain your body’s natural skin hydro balance. It rejuvenates the skin with complete hydration. Great for dry or sensitive skin conditions.

Detox Thalasso Wrap $100
This seaweed wrap is soothing and smoothing. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth, while your skin detoxifies and absorbs rich minerals naturally abundant in this French seaweed.

Water Lily After Sun Soothing Wrap $65
Takes the heat out of skin stressed by the sun. Intensely cooling wrap speed skin’s recovery and helps maintain precious bonds that support collagen and elastin in the skin.

Salt Glow $65
Glow is the key word for this deep exfoliating treatment. Aromatic sea salts, minerals, and essential oils remove impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Added to any massage or body wrap - $45

Skin Care

Dry Skin Facial $75
Give back what the elements have stripped away. Hydrating ingredients nourish and moisturize skin while helping to prevent moisture loss. Fine lines are minimized. Dry and dehydrated skin is relieved and revitalized.


Sensitive Skin Facial $75
Ultra gentle treatment provides the solution of hypersensitivity by combining soothing and healing ingredients. Softens, smoothes and calms skin surfaces with an overall feeling of well being.

Oily Skin Facial $75
Help regulate over production of skin oils with the most effective natural extracts. Skin resurfaces refined, hydrated, and shine free.

Back Facial $65 45 min
A customized skin focused treatment for the back including cleansing, exfoliating, massage, and masque therapy.

Collagen Facial $100
Effective in fortifying, softening, and rejuvenating the skin. This facial combats wrinkles and encourages a smooth, taught skin surface for ultimate radiance and dramatic results. Includes a nourishing hand and foot massage.

Oxygenating Facial $100
A high concentration of active ingredients is designed to improve elasticity, refine pores, tone skin, and oxygenate. Immediate visible results include reduced wrinkles, smoother skin, and enhanced elasticity, promoting repair and radiance. This facial includes a nourishing hand and foot massage.

For Him $75
Specifically formulated for men’s skin with natural phyto-extracts. Rich in botanical liposomes, this treatment will help prevent razor burn and sensitivity leaving skin refreshed and clean.

De-stress Eye Restore $35 for one half hour, added to facial or body wrap $20
Rich in repairing, hydrating and soothing ingredients. Reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Lash or Brow Tint Lashes $18, Brows $15, Lashes and Brows $30
Botanical pigments darken brows and lashes for a dramatic and make-up free look.

Instantly Rejuvenating Masque Treatments

These can be added to a facial for $45.

Luminous “C” and “Sea" $45
Blending a potent concentration of stabilized vitamin C with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze dried seaweed, this mask reduces fine lines, strengthens skin’s elasticity, counteracts aging, and restores a youthful appearance, rendering skin luminous!

Anti-Free Radicals $45
Enjoy this unique mask, delightfully scented with lavender. It gradually becomes warm and then cools to a refreshing chill. This change in temperature serves to increase the absorbency of all active ingredients. This mask provides a tighter, more radiant and rejuvenated appearance.

Rosacea Mask $45
This alleviating treatment brings visual relief and results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability by delivering comforting and healing ingredients. Skin surfaces fully decongested, soothed and hydrated. We also carry Pevonia’s full line of Rosacea specific products for a full facial.

Nail Services

Spa Manicure $35
Our manicure includes exfoliation, aromatherapy hand massage and, of course, polish, leaving the hands soft and supple

Regenerating Hand Treatment $45
In this manicure experience there is an additional exfoliation, hydrating mask, and application of multi-active hand cream containing vitamins A, E and D. This is great for dry skin and calluses.

Paraffin Manicure $45
This manicure includes an aromatic, warm paraffin wax mask that soothes and softens the skin and joints, leaving the hands relaxed and hydrated.

Sport Manicure $35
Nail and hand care for him includes spa manicure and buffing of natural nails.

Spa Pedicure $55
Treat your feet with therapeutic care of our most relied upon area of the body.

Tension Relief Foot Treatment $65
Instant relief for the feet...This pedicure leaves the skin cool, refreshed, soothed, and relaxed. Includes icy-hot foot mask for swollen, hot feet and legs.


Silky Foot Peel $75
This pedicure is formulated to soften, exfoliate and smooth the skin, peeling away roughness, leaving the feet silky and fresh. Ingredients include glycolic acid for tough calluses and worn heels.



Swedish Massage
One Hour $90, One Hour and Thirty Minutes $130
Traditional massage with familiar long smooth movements. The pressure can be adjusted to your comfort level. This is our most popular and the right place to begin if you have never received a massage.

Hot Stone Massage One Hour $120
Heated smooth lava stones melt away stress and tension. Enjoy an overall deep relaxation.

Neuromuscular Massage
One Hour $100
This deeper tissue technique addresses specific areas of chronic muscle stress. This technique is often combined with Swedish movements for targeting direct areas of discomfort.

Sports Massage One Hour $100
Active muscles need relief from tension to enhance muscle function. Enjoy this technique combined with Swedish movements for targeting those stressed areas of the body.

Reflexology $65
A half-hour treatment where pressure is applied to the hands and feet in order to stimulate and release toxins and blockages from specific organs in the body. Great for headaches, lethargy, or allergies.


Spa Treatments for Children 6-12 Years old

Orange Creamsicle Pedicure 
30 min $45
Begin with a foot soak, followed by an exfoliation and lotion application with Aveda aromas of pure vanilla and tangerine. Toes are polished in your favorite shade and leave with a yummy orange creamsicle popsicle.

Orange Creamsicle Manicure 20 min $25
Begin with a hand soak, followed by an exfoliation and lotion application with the Aveda aromas of pure vanilla and tangerine. Fingers are polished in your favorite shade. Receive a yummy orange creamsicle popsicle at the end of your treatment.




Spa appointments are limited, please call early for reservations at 1-800-443-5837. Spa appointments must be cancelled with notice or full charges will be made to credit card on file . A 20% gratuity will be added for spa services, for client convenience.